Maileg Pre-Order Information

The Maileg Spring Summer 2023 collection is now available to pre-order.

Pre order Maileg 2023 here 

Below are the expected delivery dates for the new Maileg 2023 collection. When placing a pre-order please refer to the expected arrival dates listed below. We will keep this page continually updated to reflect the latest information from Maileg.

Please also be aware that these expected shipment dates are only estimates and are still subject to change. It is possible that the items may be further delayed, or in fact, arrive earlier than expected. 

We will of course keep you updated if your pre-order is severely delayed and you may cancel or exchange your pre-order items at any time prior to despatch.

Maileg Summer 2023 arrival dates 

Big Brother Mouse in Matchbox 2023 - early June 

Maileg Afternoon treat, blue Madelaine - mid June

Maileg Afternoon treat, Merle - mid June

Maileg Afternoon treat, purple Madelaine - mid June

Big Sister Mouse in Matchbox 2023 - early June 

Maileg baby carry cot for baby mice - mid May 

Maileg baby carry cot for mice - mid May 

Maileg baby carry cot large - mid May 

Maileg dog basket - mid March 

Maileg dog plush toy - mid March 

Maileg happy camper tent, mouse - early June 

Hiker mice, big brother and sister - early June

Maileg miniature metal suitcases, various designs - early April 

Maileg pony soft toy - mid June

Maileg poodle soft toy - mid March 

Maileg puppy accessories, various colours - mid May 

Maileg single tent, mouse - early June 

Maileg stroller for baby mice, various designs - early April 

Maileg wedding mice - mid May 

Maileg wildlife guide mouse - early June 

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