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Maileg Mouse Sizes

Maileg mice come in four different sizes: Mums and Dads; Big Brothers and Sisters; Little Brothers and Sisters and Baby mice. 

Mums and Dads are 15cm tall

Big Brothers and Sisters are 12cm tall

Little Brothers and Sisters are 10cm tall

Baby mice are 8cm tall

Maileg call their Brother and Sister mice 'Micro' size and the baby mice 'My' size.

Maileg Bunny & Rabbit Sizes

Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits also come in different sizes: from the smallest My and Micro sizes right up to the largest size 5.

Maileg Rabbits are always taller than their Bunny counterparts because their ears are upright, whereas Maileg Bunnies have long, floppy ears.

Micro Rabbits & Bunnies are similar in size to Big Brother and Sister mice and can share clothes and furniture with them. My Rabbits are similar in size to baby mice and can use the same furniture.

The difference between a bunny and rabbit is that bunnies have floppy ears and rabbits have upright ears.

There are bunnies and rabbits in size 'micro' and sizes 1 through to 5. However, in size 'My' there are only rabbits. There is no such thing as a My bunny.

Maileg mouse sizes compared to bunnies & rabbits

Here are the My and Micro size bunnies and rabbits alongside Maileg mice. Being a similar size, they make perfect playmates for each other and can often share clothes and furniture.

Maileg Teddy Sizes

Maileg's Teddy family includes Mum, Dad, Junior and Baby Teddy.

Teddy Dad is 25cm tall

Teddy Mum is 22cm tall

Teddy Junior is 21cm tall

Baby Teddy is 12.5cm tall

Maileg Furniture

Until quite recently, Maileg furniture was categorised into the sizes 'My' and 'Micro'. However, in 2023, Maileg began to make their sizing simpler by labelling furniture as 'Mouse' or 'Baby' size. Any furniture released from 2023 onwards will be labelled as 'mouse' or 'baby', whereas older pieces are labelled as 'my' and 'micro'.

Thankfully this will make sizing easier to understand. But as the pre 2023 furniture and accessories are still available to buy, it's worth knowing that 'My' size furniture fits the baby mice and My Rabbits and 'micro' sized furniture fits Brother and Sister mice (Big and Little) and sometimes (but not always) Mum and Dad sized mice.

There is also another size of furniture called 'Mini 'which is suitable for Teddies, Chatons and size 1 & 2 bunnies. Mini size furniture is much larger than My and Micro furniture and is suitable for large dolls houses such Maileg's House of Miniature. It won't fit into 1:12 scale dolls houses such as the Ikea Flisat house, Maileg castles or the Mouse Hole Farmhouse.

In most cases, micro and my sized furniture will fit a 1:12 scale doll's house. It will also fit the Ikea Flisat doll's house, Maileg Castle and Hall, as well as the Mouse Hole Farmhouse.

We include dimensions in all of our product descriptions. However, if you require any further information or advice, please do get in touch via phone, email or our contact page. We are always happy to help.


Maileg Accessories

Maileg accessories such as food and kitchen implements tend to be a slightly larger scale than Maileg furniture. You can see in the picture that the carton of milk is out of proportion to the fridge and the cooking pot is nearly as big as the oven! This is because Maileg accessories are designed to be safe, robust and easy for little hands to use.

Maileg Mouse Clothes

There are lots of clothes and outfits available for big brother & sisters and a few to fit little brothers & sisters. Generally speaking, big brothers & sisters and little brothers & sisters cannot share clothes.

However big brothers & sisters can share clothes with micro rabbits & bunnies as they are similar in size. Teddy Baby can also wear the clothes designed for big brothers & sisters.

Mum and Dad mice have their own collection of 'Mum & Dad' size outfits.

Looking for furniture for your Ikea Doll House?

If you are looking for furniture to fit the Ikea Flisat doll house, the Maileg Castle, Mouse Hole Farmhouse or other 1:12 scale dolls houses, check out our room collections below.

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