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Do you have a guide to Maileg sizing?

We certainly do! Take a look at our ultimate guide to Maileg sizing where we explain the sizes of Maileg mice, bunnies, rabbits and furniture.

What are the different sizes of Maileg mice?
What are the different sizes of Maileg rabbits and bunnies?
Do you have a guide to Maileg bed sizes?

We certainly do! Check out our Guide to Maileg Bed Sizes to help you choose the best bed, cradle or cot for your doll's house.

Which Maileg furniture fits the Ikea Flisat Dolls House?

Broadly speaking, any of the Micro or My size furniture will fit the Ikea Flisat house. For more information take a look at our guide to which Maileg furniture fits the Ikea Flisat Doll House

Which furniture fits the Maileg castle and hall?

Any of the furniture in our Ikea Dolls House guide will also fit the Maileg castle and hall.

Which Maileg mice have magnets in their hands?

There are lots of mice with magnetic hands, meaning they can hold onto metal objects, such as the bonfire set and cooking implements, as well as riding tricycles and driving cars! Browse all Maileg mice with magnetic hands.

I'm new to Maileg. Where should I start my collection?

There are lots of possible answers to this question, but you definitely need to start with at least one mouse! 

But which mouse? If you think you or your little one is going to want to dress your mouse in different outfits, then a big sister mouse gives you the most options, as there are several different outfits available for big sisters.

If your child loves putting their toys to bed, you may want to opt for one of the big sisters that come in a matchbox, and then you will have a ready made bed to tuck your mouse up in at night. 

If you are looking to start a collection of furniture to furnish your dolls house, you will need a bed of some kind, perhaps a table and chairs and a cooking set.

Whatever you choose for your first pieces of Maileg, you are sure to love it. A word of warning though - collecting Maileg can get rather addictive!!!

What's the difference between a Maileg rabbit and a Maileg bunny?
What does My and Micro mean?

Maileg categorise their mice and smaller rabbits into two sizes: My and Micro.

'My' refers to My rabbits and baby mice, such as sleepy/wakey mice, twins and triplets.

'Micro' is the name given to the size of brother and sister mice and the Micro rabbits and bunnies.

Furniture and accessories are also categorised into My and Micro sizes. (However there is also a larger size of furniture that is suitable for Size 1 bunnies/rabbits and the Teddy family.)

Some pieces of furniture come in both My and Micro sizes. This includes playpens, high chairs and baby bouncers. For example, there is a My sized playpen (suitable for baby mice and My rabbits) and a Micro sized playpen (suitable for brother and sister mice and Micro rabbits). 

How do you pronounce Maileg?

Maileg is pronounced My-Lye (to rhyme with sky or pie).

What does Maileg mean?

The name Maileg is formed by combining the surname of Maileg's founder, Dorthe Mailil, with 'leg', which is the Danish word for play. 

Why can't I find a Maileg item that I have seen before?

One of the great things about Maileg is that they are always innovating and refreshing their range. Each year they introduce new mice, new items of furniture and new fabrics.

Some products, such as the Princess and the Pea, the Grandparents and Mum and Dad in a cigar box remain in the collection permanently, but are redesigned with new colours and fabrics each season.

Other items, such as the sadly missed circus collection, are discontinued after a few seasons, becoming sought after collector's items.  

What age group is Maileg suitable for?

Maileg test their toys by two standards, EN-71 (Europe) and ASTM 963 (USA).

Generally, Maileg mice, furniture and accessories are suitable from age 3. 

Maileg also make lots of lovely soft toys which are suitable from birth. 

On each product description on our website you will find information about which age group the Maileg toys are suitable for. 

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