Here is our guide to the different sizes of Maileg bunnies and rabbits

Maileg Bunny & Rabbit Size Guide

Maileg bunnies and rabbits go from the smallest 'My' rabbits right up to the largest size 5 bunnies and rabbits.

Maileg Rabbits are always taller than their Bunny counterparts because their ears are upright, whereas Maileg Bunnies have long, floppy ears.

Micro Rabbits & Bunnies are similar in size to Big Brother and Sister mice and can share clothes and dolls house furniture with them.

My Rabbits are similar in size to baby mice and can use the same furniture.

The difference between a bunny and rabbit can be quite confusing. In Maileg terms, a bunny is a girl and a rabbit is a boy, except in the case of the smallest My size rabbits. These come in two colours: pink and green, but both are rabbits. There is actually no such thing as a My bunny (we did say it was confusing!)