Here is our guide to the different sizes of Maileg mice: mums and dads, brothers and sisters and baby mice.
Maileg mouse size guide

Maileg Mouse Sizes

Maileg mice come in four sizes: Mums and Dads; Big Brothers and Sisters; Little Brothers and Sisters and Baby mice. 

Mums and Dads are 15cm tall

Big Brothers and Sisters are 12cm tall

Little Brothers and Sisters are 10cm tall

Baby mice are 8cm tall

The Maileg Mouse Family

Mum & Dad Mice

Mum and Dad sized mice include Kings & Queens, Grandparents and the Mum and Dad beach mice

Big Brother & Sister Mice

Big Brother and Sister sized mice include Prince and Princess mice, Tooth Fairies and Wellness Mouse.

Little Brother & Sister Mice

Little Brother and Sister Mice include Superhero mouse, Dance Mouse in a day and Maid mouse.

Baby mice

Baby Mice include Triplets, Twins and the Sleepy Wakey mice.