The Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse is a beautiful wooden dollhouse for Maileg mice. In this blog post we'll tell you everything you need to know about this lovely dolls house and give you some decorating inspiration so you can turn your Farmhouse into a forever home for your Maileg mouse family. 

Maileg Farmhouse Facts and Figures 

How it arrives

The dolls house arrives flat packed in a rather lovely illustrated box 

Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Box

What's in the box? 

Inside the box are all the pieces, assembly instructions, screws and a screwdriver.

Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Assembly 

Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Assembly instructionsMaileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Assembly Instructions Back

    How heavy is the Maileg Farmhouse?

    The dolls house weighs 6.8kg. It is heavy and sturdy but one strongish person can lift the house if necessary. Two people could lift it easily.

    What's the Maileg Farmhouse made of? 

    It's made of sturdy FSC Linden Wood (and smells lovely 😊)

    How big is the Maileg Farmhouse?

    Total dimensions of the House

    • Height: 56.5cm
    • Width: 63cm
    • Depth: 36.5cm

    Room dimensions 

    Here are the all important room dimensions so you can plan your rooms and decide what goes where. 

    Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Measurements Dimensions

    Measurements of room A 

    Height: 14cm

    Width: 22cm

    Measurements of room B

    Height up to mezzanine: 15cm

    Height up to the roof apex: 29cm

    Width: 22cm

    Depth: 32 cm

    Measurements of room C 

    Height: 22.5cm

    Width: 22cm

    Depth: 32cm

    Measurements of room D

    Height up to roof: 10cm

    Height of open area: 8cm 

    Width of open area: 24cm

    Measurements of room E

    Height: 20cm

    Width: 32cm

    Depth: 22cm

    Measurements of room F

    Height: 20cm

    Width: 20cm

    Depth: 22cm

    Measurements of room G

    Height: 20cm

    Width: 14cm

    Depth: 22cm

    How easy is it to build the Maileg Farmhouse?

    I found it reasonably simple to build. It helps to lay out all the pieces and screws to begin with, and work out what goes where. I needed an extra pair of hands occasionally to hold the pieces whilst I screwed them together. You put together the walls and ceilings first, then slide the back on and the roof goes on last. 

    Maileg Farmhouse part builtMaileg Farmhouse front and side left


    Here are photos of the back and sides of the house. Look at all the beautiful details! 

     Maileg mouse hole farmhous back and side

    Maileg mouse hole farmhouse side leftMaileg mouse hole farmhouse side right 

    You can add an annexe to the left side of the house. The opening at the top gives the mice access to the roof of the annexe. 

    If you'd like a Maileg Farmhouse of your own, you can purchase it in our website Yoyo and Flo where you'll find a huge range of furniture and accessories suitable for the Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse

    Furnishing the house 

    Now comes the fun bit! 

    Here's my Farmhouse decorated for Christmas.

    Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse

    For more decorating inspiration and information about which furniture fits the Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse please see our Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse Blog Post Part 2 (coming soon).

    A note about the Maileg House of Miniature 

    Maileg also make another dolls house called the House of Miniature. If you can't decide between the Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse or the Maileg House of Miniature read on...

    If you are planning your dolls house to be just for Maileg mice (up to mum and dad size) then the Mouse Hole Farmhouse is the house for you. However, if you intend to use some of the larger Maileg furniture in your dolls house and would like some of the larger Maileg friends (such as bunnies and teddies) to live in it, then the House of Miniature would be the right choice. 

    Read part 2 of our Guide to the Maileg Mouse Hole Farmhouse (coming soon).

    February 08, 2024 — Sue Hambleton

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