Maileg mouse house Ikea Flisat hack

Ikea Mouse House Hack Part 4 - the Maileg Furniture

In the first three parts of our Ikea Mouse House Hack series we built and decorated our house. Now we are going to furnish it with lots of lovely pieces...
May 08, 2022
Ikea Dolls house upstairs room with bed and mirror

Ikea Mouse House Hack - Part 2 - Painting the house

Welcome to the second part of my Ikea Mouse House hack. In part 1 we built the our Ikea Flisat dolls house and now we are going to have fun decorating it! 
May 05, 2022
Maileg Mouse Ikea Flisat Doll House

Ikea Maileg Mouse Hack - Part 1

Are you looking to create a Maileg mouse house but don't know where to start? Don't want to spend too much money on the house? Or perhaps space is at...
May 05, 2022