Maileg mouse house Ikea Flisat hack

Ikea Mouse House Hack Part 4 - the Maileg Furniture

In the first three parts of our Ikea Mouse House Hack series we built and decorated our house. Now we are going to furnish it with lots of lovely pieces from our Maileg furniture collection.

If you are new to Maileg (or even if you're not!) Maileg furniture sizes can be a little confusing. But have no fear! This blog post will explain exactly which Maileg furniture pieces will fit your Ikea house and give you some inspiration on which pieces to choose.

In order to make it less fiddly for little hands to play with, Maileg furniture tends to be larger than the 1:12 scale furniture designed for adult collectors' dolls houses. However, as a rule of thumb, if the Maileg furniture is categorised as 'My' size it will be suitable for your Ikea house. Much of the 'micro' size furniture will also fit, with some exceptions. It's also good to know that Maileg furniture is very robust and safety tested for children age 3 and over. 

There are normally four rooms in the Ikea Flisat house. However when I built my house I left out the dividing wall from the ground floor in order to create an open plan living/dining area. 

Ikea Maileg Mouse house

There are lots of ways you can configure your house - you could have two bedrooms in your house, or one bedroom and a nursery, or a bedroom and bathroom - the choice is yours! In the picture above I have configured the house as a two bedroom home by putting a Maileg vintage double bed in the bedroom on the left and a Maileg single vintage bed in the bedroom on the right. 


Ikea Flisat Maileg mouse house hack

In the above picture I have created a twin bedroom by putting two Maileg single vintage beds in the top left room, using an upturned Maileg fruit and vegetable crate as a bedside table. The room on the right has become a nursery for baby mice by adding a metal cradle and My sized Maileg baby bouncer.


Maileg Ikea Flisat Mouse House

In the picture above we have added a Maileg wooden closet to the top left bedroom along with the two single beds. We have turned the room on the top right into a dressing room with the addition of a Dance Mouse in Day Bed.

Maileg's Dance Mouse is a beautiful little sister sized mouse who comes with her very own day bed. The day bed consists of a pink, velvety mattress, a crocheted blanket and a floral, cotton pillow. Dance Mouse can lounge on her day bed during the daytime but it can also double up as a dressing table - just add a Maileg mirror and a gold dining chair.

So, as you can see, there are lots of ways to set up your Ikea dolls house and turn it into a home suitable for different configurations of Maileg mouse families. 

On our website we have a section dedicated to furniture that's suitable for the Ikea Flisat doll's house. You can browse all of our Ikea house sized furniture here

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May 08, 2022
Ikea Mouse House Hack - Part 3 - Wallpapering the house

Ikea Mouse House Hack - Part 3 - Wallpapering the house

Welcome to part 3 of our Ikea Maileg mouse house hack. It's now time to wallpaper our mouse house!
May 08, 2022
Ikea Dolls house upstairs room with bed and mirror

Ikea Mouse House Hack - Part 2 - Painting the house

Welcome to the second part of my Ikea Mouse House hack. In part 1 we built the our Ikea Flisat dolls house and now we are going to have fun decorating it! 
May 05, 2022
Maileg Mouse Ikea Flisat Doll House

Ikea Maileg Mouse Hack - Part 1

Are you looking to create a Maileg mouse house but don't know where to start? Don't want to spend too much money on the house? Or perhaps space is at a premium? Then how about creating your Maileg mouse house from a very basic and inexpensive Ikea shelf? Here's my guide on how to transform an Ikea dolls house shelf into a stunning home for your Maileg mice. 

At the time of writing the Ikea Flisat doll's house/shelf costs £29. It comes flat packed and is really easy to put together. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can! You just need a screwdriver. Everything else is provided.

Ikea Flisat Doll's house/shelf

The dimensions of the house are: Width: 58 cm Depth: 22 cm Height: 59 cm. It is divided into four sections so you can create four different rooms, such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Or perhaps you might prefer to include a nursery for your baby mice and My Rabbits. 

In my house I left out the dividing wall on the ground floor in order to create an open plan kitchen/living area. 

So now we have built the house, the next step is to decorate. We'll cover this in part 2 of our Ikea Flisat Mouse House Hack. 

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May 05, 2022