Welcome to the third part of my Ikea Maileg mouse house hack. In parts 1 and 2 we built and painted our Ikea Flisat doll's house. So the next step is the wallpaper. I used some beautiful Maileg wrapping paper to wallpaper my house. I chose the 'Merle' design to give a pretty, vintage feel. Maileg's 'Mouse Party' design, with its illustrations of tiny mice and pieces of cheese, would be a really cute option too. We stock both designs in 10 metre rolls. You can view our Maileg wrapping paper selection here.

Rather than attaching the paper directly to the wall, I cut two pieces of card to fit the walls, glued the gift wrapping paper to the card and then stuck the card to the walls of the house using Tacky Wax. This means that I can easily change the look whenever I want. Tacky Wax is a sticky wax used in miniatures and model making that allows you to stick things temporarily. It's designed to be washed off surfaces with hot soapy water (but it can leave a sticky residue) so don't use too much!

Tacky Wax

Maileg doll's house made from an Ikea Flisat Dolls house

On the top floor I added some panelling. This is widely available on sites like Etsy - just search for 'dolls house tongue and grove panel'. It usually comes in plain white but you easily paint it using artist acrylic paint in a shade to complement your existing decor.

So that's the house built and decorated. Now comes the fun part - furnishing it with lots of beautiful Maileg furniture! 

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May 08, 2022 — Sue Hambleton

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